Rise of Dragon Tide Now Live

The Rise of Dragon Tide Update will bring brand new school and gameplay to our fans!

October 10 ,2017

NEWS October 10, 2017

Rise of Dragon Tide Now Live


The Rise of Dragon Tide Update will bring brand new school and gameplay to our fans! Are you ready for the Chaos Legend ultimate war? The level cap has been pulled up to 130 while Deity Refine, Soul Sealing and Treasure Instances Auto-Loot Functions can strengthen your character as much as possible. The Country Swap function is available, which will add uncertainty to Guild Team Instance and Crystal Mine Seize War. 



The Dragon Tide Class


As the pride of the Dragons, new school Dragon Tide is in charge of storm and thunder with vast attack range and great survival ability. Useful skills of displacement and controls make her a must-play character in the new version. Still feel head-ache about certain class? The Dragon Lady will absolutely make you the strongest existence in this chaos world! 



Deity Refine Function


The Deity Refine can add extra attribution to your character. Consuming certain amounts of refine points, you can randomly have 6 attributions to save. The refine points come from the Furnace with materials of certain items. You can develop one attribution from the six. The successful development could add a half of star while failure won`t deduct any stars. All these attributions are added to your main character, not any deity. Chain Attribution will be unlocked when any of the basic attributions reaches certain star level. Chain attributions from different deities can be overlapped added to your main character whether it is in the battle array. ​​​​​​



Guild Team Instance 


The guild leader or deputy guild leader is able to unlock Guild Team Instance when the guild reaches level 5 with up to 50 guild members to join at a time. There`re 7 difficulties of Guild Team Instance with 2 times of trying. Raid the instance together to win super rewards. When the instance is finished, the conclusion page will give a clear display of Damage Ranking, Instance and Special Skills. The Treasure Instance auto-loot function will be unlocked after the first clearance.



With so many other new features coming to the Chaos Legends, the battles differ so much that you will surely fall in love with the game again! Only the most powerful player could lead your team to victory and glory!