Rise of Dragon Tide Now Live

The Rise of Dragon Tide Update will bring brand new school and gameplay to our fans!

October 10 ,2017

NEWS July 17, 2017

Endless Glory now LIVE


Fortune has fallen upon the Chaos Legends realm, bringing a cascade of new features and exciting challenges to rouse even the most battle-weary warrior. Check out our all-new Mount Battle, which can increase your mount's attributes beyond anything that was possible before. New Deities, Magis, and mounts are all waiting for you to discover and claim. The battles have never been fiercer, and the rewards have never been this splendid. Whether you're new to the realm or an old hand, don't miss out on the Endless Glory Update!


Mount Battle

Players now can battle while riding mounts. Mounts not only make you look intimidating, they provide buff, attribute bonuses and special skills. Spend some more time and energy developing your mount--you won't regret it!  



Cross-Server Resource Contest & Cross-Server Competition

The Guild Resource Contest only allows players from one server to fight for certain resources. Now we have enlarged the battlefield to include cross-server battles. Think you can handle the challenge? The winners of the cross-server competition can build a monument in the main cities. Other players can show help out by completing daily tasks and claiming corresponding rewards. 



New Mount

Legend has it that the special mount Dusk Candle represents a Chinese traditional zodiac, bestowed upon mankind by the heavens as a reward for victory in battle. In battles, the Dusk Candle will summon the Emperor Chicken, which brings 50% damage reduction and deals damage to random targets within reach for 10 seconds. Enemies attacked will be stunned from 1 to 5 seconds and have attack reduction effect for 10 seconds. 


Other New Features

The Deity System is optimized and the beautiful new deity is added: Chang'e. New ways of nurturing your magi are also available now, including Combination and Reincarnation. The Magi Diagram will bring more attribution bonus to you when you collect more new magi, like Xuanzang and Emperor Chicken, in this new version. New level cap for Runes and Gears are available. Players can bring their might to a higher level and also become more stylish with the Spring Festival outfit. The realm has never been a more exciting place to be--don't miss out!