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October 10 ,2017

NEWS January 19, 2017

Class Transformation Function Guide

Chaos Legends' classical faction war and large-scale PvP combined with novel gameplay modes have vaulted it to a highly acclaimed status on the market. The three classes of Chaos Legends (Warrior, Soldier, and Mage) each provide players with a unique battle experience. To keep the world of Chaos Legends dynamic, we are introducing a new Class Transformation system so that players can mix things up when they get bored!


Warriors are expert melee fighters, usually at the forefront of the battle, and are the first to break up enemy lineups. If players want to be a strong, brute force on the battlefield, Warriors are usually the best choice. Soldiers, on the other hand, are more skilled in the realm of hand-to-hand combat. They are the perfect choice for those who favor a precise, deadly, assassin-style attack. The Mage class is famous for its skillful spells that deal ranged damage to enemies. Their teleportation abilities are great both offensively and defensively. Though every player has their preferred character type, it doesn't hurt to change things up every once in a while.


Class Transformation allows players to switch to a different battle mode and immerse themselves in a fresh gaming experience. It's more convenient than creating a new character, and widens players' opportunities to utilize their skills and become more unique fighters.

Every player knows that true Legends are born from Chaos, so why not strive for greatness? Transform your class and forge a character the likes of which the realm has never seen before!