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October 10 ,2017

NEWS January 12, 2017

Exchange Guide

1. When a player reaches Level 26 they will activate the Exchange Function. They can access the Exchange interface by first tapping the Character interface and then selecting Exchange.



2. Tier 3 Soul, Rune, Gem, Perk Upgrade Book and similar items can be exchanged for items of a different type.



3. There are two features of the Exchange Function:


a. Players can exchange items of an equivalent level at a 1:1 ratio


b. Players can exchange a few items of a similar type for an item of a higher level



4. Exchange Process


a. After entering the store, players can see both received items and required items


b. The system automatically detects items in a player's inventory that meet exchange requirements. The exchange button will light up if the player has exchangeable items.


c. When an item meets the exchange requirements, tap to exchange and then tap to confirm. The screen will display Exchange Successful; if the player taps  "Cancel," the interface will .



5. Exchanging Similar Items


a. The player can see both exchanged and required items in the Exchange interface.


b. Tap Exchange to bring up Item interface.


c. The left side of the Item interface shows the number of items of the same type. After tapping Items, the player should choose the number of items, which will be fewer than what's in the backpack and exchange requirements.


d. Once the items and quantity are confirmed, the right side of the interface will display the selected items. If the player wants to cancel the exchange, they can tap the × in the upper-right corner.


e. Tap to complete exchange,and the screen will display Exchange Successful.