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October 10 ,2017

NEWS December 30, 2016

Magi Snout Overview

Snout is one of the most popular magis in Chaos Legends. This adorable piggy is nifty and lovely, but it can also become a formidable fighter in battle. Snout's strong controlling ability and explosive damage output are its fiercest qualities.  Let's take a closer look at it!





Incoming Lv.1


Summons Snout. Adds 390 Skill Power. Deals an additional 200% Damage to enemies with a 8 meter radius. Enemy players who are hit are turned into a pig for 3 seconds and at the same time player receivers 3% HP recovery per second for 4 seconds. Cooldown is 32 seconds.


Iron Rake Lv.1


Attacks individual target. AP+8, causing 300 % damage, 5 second cooldown.


Fortify Lv.1


Master's Resilience + 4.76% while active.


Martyrdom Lv.1


Absorbs 4.99% damage taken by the Master.