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The Rise of Dragon Tide Update will bring brand new school and gameplay to our fans!

October 10 ,2017

NEWS July 01, 2016

Torn by War - World Preview


Travel back to a time before time - an ancient kingdom of legend and myth, where man and demon lived in conflict and heavenly spirits joined in mortal affairs. A time when the forces of nature itself could be summoned - for good or evil - and magic was a way of life. This is the ancient Xia, a land of mystery known only through artifacts, and the setting of the exciting new adventure of Chaos Legends.



Looking for a unique setting for the latest in Snail's line-up of superb mobile online action RPGs, Chaos Legends travels back to well before Rome and Athens, before the great Han and Confucius, to the earliest days of the Chinese imperial system, under King Yu's Xia dynasty. Incorporating into this pseudo-historic setting the mystical elements of magic, demons, and monster, Chaos Legends creates a vibrant and rich historic fantasy world for players to explore!



A World Open to Possibility


To provide this sense of freedom and exploration, Chaos Legends leaves heroes with few barriers, spreading missions and tasks across large and unrestricted maps, allowing players to explore freely as they move through the game. Using the cutting-edge PC-quality Flexi game engine, Chaos Legends can display over 100 characters at a time, allowing for stunning and exciting large-scale events including swarms of monsters in the open wastes and massive battles between the two key warring kingdoms.



Set off on the Road


As the legends of the coming chaos explore the wide world, they can do so astride a variety of mystical steeds and mythical creatures with a rich mount system. With a rich and diverse selection of mounts, players can discover the perfect companion to fit them as they set off on the road to adventure!



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