Rise of Dragon Tide Now Live

The Rise of Dragon Tide Update will bring brand new school and gameplay to our fans!

October 10 ,2017


Endless Glory now LIVE

Fortune has fallen upon the Chaos Legends realm, bringing a cascade of new features and exciting challenges to rouse even the most battle-weary warrior.

July 17 ,2017


Empire of Heroes Update Now Live!

The long-awaited Empire of Heroes update is now live and taking Chaos Legends by storm!

March 22 ,2017


Happy Lunar New Year!

Many countries worldwide celebrate the Lunar New Year with unique customs. What do you do in yours?

January 20 ,2017


Class Transformation Function Guide

Chaos Legends' classical faction war and large-scale PvP combined with novel gameplay modes have vaulted it to a highly acclaimed status on the market.

January 19 ,2017


Exchange Guide

When a player reaches Level 26 they will activate the Exchange Function. They can access the Exchange interface by first tapping the Character interface and then selectin...

January 12 ,2017


Pantheon Map Function Guide

The Magi function is an important component of Chaos Legends gameplay. Magis can be your mighty assistants in battle, and can also be upgraded to boost the attributes of ...

January 06 ,2017


Magi Snout Overview

Snout is one of the most popular magis in Chaos Legends. This adorable piggy is nifty and lovely, but it can also become a formidable fighter in battle.

December 30 ,2016


Celebrate the Christmas with Chaos Legends !

Santa's bringing a sleigh full of presents to the noble heroes of Chaos Legends this holiday season, and there's something for everyone!

December 23 ,2016

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